DAY 6 (20/05/2006)

This is where we now get to the guts of tidying the engine bay, and starting seriously to treat our poor car to the anti rust and getting things properly back in the shape they should be... I guess we're getting to the last stages of stripping the car prior to starting to repair and build the darn thing...

This weeknd, the engine started to get a bit poked at, and the front started to receive some rust treatment, and side repeaters started to get smoothed out. The main rust treatment we are employing at this stage is to wire brush the rust spots, and whack on a load of rust converter when we get to the bottom of it. Happily, none of the strutctural stuff is affected, so mainly it'll be cosmetic finishing and protecting the stuff that is already there... The front sills will need to be dealt with, and it seems the front of the rear wheel arches on the inside will definitely need some attention, but we'll deal with that when we have to... *grin*

As you can see below, most of the front has been done and the the structural members have been cured - all it needs now is to have some places filled and smoothed to get a nice finish, and that should be the bulk of the treatment they need. Tis good fun, although my poor hands are already starting to feel the strain... After finishing this evening, I had a really delicious salmon fillet, squeezed the lemon over it, and my hands seem to catch light!! Christ on a bike - that lemon stuff found every bloody nick and scratch going!! Far too delicate, me... *sigh*

The other part started this weekend is to smooth out the side repeaters in the wings. This is just part of the smoothing process we are going through to get a slick looking beasty - not for us all the stick on plastic parts!! The cleaner the better as far as we're concerned!

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